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Mar 04, 2019 21:23:04

Rubik cube

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Me being a good brother. As you could read in my previous posts I have been just babysitting my brother's kids on the weekend. But what you don't know yet I have another brother and he has kids as well. So today I am babysitting his kids too. He had a girl and a boy at the same age as my other (the oldest brother). I take care of my nephews just for the night but we could play some games before they went to bed. They are nice already calmly sleeping in their beds .. not any drama haha.

So now I have time to explore their toys just by myself hehe. 

And here I found it, the Rubik cube itself. Such a brilliant puzzle. But here comes the big confession I have never ever in my life solved the Rubik cube.

I think I am not super stupid (suuuuure Efran you are not) I've just never really tried cuz I've never got one.

So here is my chance I have some time until my brother come back home. Not gonna lie probably will check some step by step guide, but it's still gonna be hard for me. Wish me luck.:))

I will let you know tomorrow if I succeed. Haha


Stay with me. Efran.

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