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Mar 23, 2019 10:34:24

Rosie makes things - Chapter 1: an introduction

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I signed up for the Product Hunt Makers Festival.

The theme of this one is low/no code.

I have no idea what I want to build.

But I want to build something.

I'll make the time.

The next few posts will be about the build.

I'll start by learning my way around Coda.

I'll move some of my systems into there.

Module by module.

And see what could be useful as a product for others.

But even just for me.

In the early days, software was to be hyper-custom.

John McPhee describes his Kedit set up with macros made specifically for him as a perfectly fitting glove.

I've patchworked my glove together using Airtable, Google Sheets, Bear, Complice, Gingko, YNAB, Workflowy and a bullet journal.

Maybe I can make a better glove.

And if it's better for me, maybe parts of it will be useful to others.

Anyway, I'm starting by scratching my own itch.

Elements of the system include:

  • personal finance - tracking, planning, goal-setting, and runway mapping
  • business finance - invoicing, expense tracking, and tax planning
  • goals - capturing daily actions, reviewing weekly
  • habits - tracking, reviewing weekly
  • days - planning, doing, debriefing, reflecting
  • weeks - planning, migrating to days, debriefing, reflecting
  • tasks - capturing, organising, reflecting
  • deep work - preparing, planning, doing, reviewing, debriefing

Might be a bit big for a week's work. Let's see.

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