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Apr 25, 2019 20:48:54

River life, river as lifeline

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Jason Leow

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Living near a river had always been something that’s close to heart. The Kamo river (鴨川) was close to my apartment, and it became a daily treat. It was often the first thing I saw walking out from my hood, and the last thing coming back. It was my jogging route every other day. It’s a north-south cycling highway to get to and from the city core, so it was my cycling circuit too. When the sun is out and wind not as chilling, I join everyone out on the banks, having picnics, reading, hanging. Ducks and cranes often flocked to its waters, allowing us all to have just that little bit of nature, right within the city.

My favourite part is here, the river at the old quarter of Higashiyama. The heritage houses of old Kyoto; wood on water; a silver sundown reflected off the still waters; a duck rippling through the mirror-like sheen; me strolling, breathing, immersing in all that rare beauty. It was my lifeline to sanity, to coming back to myself, to feeling at peace with every step. I could walk up and down these paths forever - every walk, an experience to savour; every stroll, lovely sights to behold.

A river. A lifeline.

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