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Mar 03, 2019 15:19:09

rich vs poor

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Loved this video from @caseyneistat about being rich versus being poor and how it affects your happiness. The transition from money problems to life problems can be surprisingly rough. thread 👇



You often hear that money can't buy happiness and that's true. It's also bullshit only people who were never poor ever say.

Money solves problems and buys time. Money also removes stress.


Money problems make you miserable. Ask anyone who's ever been poor and they'll tell you that every problem they had could be solved with money.


Don't have time to invest in learning new skills? Baby sitters solve that problem. 

Ordering instead of cooking. That also saves time.

Weekly cleaning service. Saves shitloads of time and stress.



And you know what? Many people already have all the stuff that makes you happy. Family, friends, relationships. Everyone says that makes you happy.

You can't enjoy those if you're working 3 jobs. Or you're stressed about paying rent.


Money is freedom and freedom is happiness. At least freedom enables you to pursue the things that make you happy. Whatever those are.


And that's the kind of weird stage I've found myself in the past year or two. Super grateful I have the opportunity to discover this "problem" don't get me wrong, but it's also very alien and strange and feels taboo to talk about.


Which is why I should talk about it.


I grew up with money problems. Everything from failed businesses to bad economies to unpaid child support. My family had it all. 'twas great.

Money is the only thing I ever stress about. It's rooted deep inside me. That feeling that whatever you have, it could vanish in a puff of smoke at any moment.


The cool thing about money problems is that they're straightforward to solve. Not easy. Takes a lot of hard work.

But it's straight forward. You don't have enough money? Okay how can you make more? 

There's a clear sequence of steps you can follow to make more money.


1) Get a better job

2) Get better clients

3) Charge more

4) Sell something people want

5) Repeat, iterate, and listen

One day you'll find you suddenly don't have money problems anymore.


You can afford a new pair of jeans whenever. You might skip a few lattes to balance it out but they're making you fat anyway so who cares.

With the magical modern financial system you can even buy stuff without saving up for it. Loan payments so insignificant you don't even care.


It's a weird place to be because suddenly you have life problems. 

You may not even have realized you had life problems until you solved the money problems first.


Suddenly it's no more "Will this job pay enough?" it's "Will I enjoy this job?"

Projects move from "Can I afford to do this?" to "Do I care to do this?"

Clients go from "I wonder if they pay on time ..." to "But how does that make me feel?"


Money problems are focused. You need more money. Done

Life problems are ... wide? They may have a solution, they might not. You'll only ever know what worked in the rear view mirror. AH yes that thing I did 5 years ago, that was it.


It's weird and I don't know how to deal with it. I've been money driven for so long I have zero tools for dealing with this new reality.

And when the thing that used to bring joy and accomplishment doesn't move the needle anymore wtf do you do?


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