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Apr 27, 2019 22:48:48

Revisited: Essentialism by Greg Mckeown

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Complex Curiosity by @dontheideaguy reminded me of "Essentialism" by Greg Mckeown, which I bought and read in 2016/04/01 according to my order history in Amazon. I remember I was inspired by this book and recommended to some of my friends. So I would like to re-visited the essence of Essentialism and reflect how well I could apply it to my life since then.

Key question: what is really important now? 

Those who especially can perform well and build a good reputation in terms of work might have a pit hole that all of the efforts are diluted and distributed to different directions. To keep your focus on the important thing, we need to keep asking yourself "what is really important now?." and "Do less but better"

The Essentialist approach

Here are some steps to be more focused and be an essentialist. I find it very similar to "Konmari Method", which is a method to tidy up and ask whether it sparks your joy or not. 

  1. Explore and Evaluate
    We need to think carefully and evaluate a broad set of options. 
  2. Eliminate
    We need to eliminate opportunities and obligations with the courage to make the highest possible contribution towards our goal.  
  3. Execute
    Once we decided which option we take and focus on, we need to create a system or flow to execute our decision with fewer efforts. Also, it is important not to forget including joy in this system. 


Now if I look back the past three years of my work as a customer-faced data scientist, it was overall okay to focus on something important for myself. I focused on my commitment and deliverables. But as a team, we tend to lose a focus. We are afraid of betting on one single goal and tried to hedge the risk of failure. As a consultant, it would be a strategy to make customers satisfied, which is one essential goal for us. 

On the other hand, it was hard to focus on my private side. Health, hobbies, family, friends, and life-long learning. Hobbies might be out of scope since it is fun but sometimes I felt like if I should focus on one of them and seek a deeper level in one hobby. In terms of life-long learning, I focus on speaking, writing, and coding. My focus seems to be distributed but I built an almost stable routine for each of them. I saw the progress of each. The question is whether I should focus on one by one or do it in parallel with some weight. I do not know. I believe there is a resonance factor that one influences on the others among them.   


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    Thank you for the mention @hiro. It's quite a compliment to think my recent article put you in mind of that best-selling book.

    Don The Idea Guy avatar Don The Idea Guy | Apr 28, 2019 21:59:30
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