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Dec 28, 2018 10:30:38

Reverse the formula: happiness to get success / not success to be happier

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notes from this TED talk video

This one is all about positive psychology.

Changing the lens of reality means changing your perception towards happiness.

Most people perceive happiness within their external word. News predictions, the weather, their friend who stood them up. But in reality, it all comes from within. 

Surprised? I'm not, to be honest.

But it's important to talk more about the positive. 

It's so much easier to whine, to complain, to see the danger. But it's much harder to be positive. Most people default to this. I do so according to my girlfriend 😂 Although internally I feel happy most of the time.

The happiness advantage: people are simply way more successful in whatever they are doing when they are happy. This has been scientifically proven in multiple studies and tests. It's a simple rule, we don't need science to know this.

Let's rewire the brain to be more optimistic and successfully in 2 minutes for 21 days in a row:

- 3 Gratitudes: write three things you're grateful for
- Journaling: write about one positive experience from the last 24 hours. It allows the brain to relive it.
- Exercise: teach your brain that your behaviour matters
- Meditation: get over the cultural ADHD of doing multiple things at once and focus
- Random acts of kindness: e.g. write an email thanking a random person for the positive impact on your life

I'm gonna try this one when the new year starts and maybe share them here.

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