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Daniel Lucas

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I'm in the process of trying to engage a research based practice - something I used to be adept at in college, but have fallen out of touch with. I feel privileged to be in a place where I can re-engage my creative practice in a new light, with a patience and capability born from the years of work I've spent dedicated to clients, to collaborators, friends and corporations. Finding a way to take all the structures and processes I've learned and built over the years, and focus them towards my own goals and passions seems like the perfect challenge for 2019 and beyond.

The motivation at the heart of all this is as an outlet for mindfulness - an appreciation for the art of looking, of seeing, sensing - feeling. Paraphrasing an interview I heard years ago, 'Mindfulness is another way of saying Love'. The practicality of all this is an attempt to follow rabbit holes, minefields, networks, databases as I explore a subject, with the image of a treasure hunter & garbage collector all rolled into one. Hoarding knowledge, creating paper trails and stringing things together. The other practicality of this is writing - which is another main reason I'm here. To practice the tone I seek, to find (again?) my authors voice - or at least one that doesn't speak in poetry, but in structure and persuasion. One that will let me step out of the way of my subject matter - to remove the labels, to speak of the thing as it is. To transmit a mindful meditation through language. 

That's the goal at least. And I'm here to practice, ~200 words at a time.

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