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Jul 27, 2019 13:34:54

Removing Limiting Beliefs with "How".

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Jack Lyons

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As I read through Brian Tracy's Goals! I am continually amazed at how a slight shift in thinking can radically change one's personal views about success. This book is a continual reminder that us human beings are not "rational" creatures at all. We let emotions, especially fear, get in the way of our better judgment which inevitably clouds our life decisions.

Today I'm left to ponder about the subtle use of "how" when it comes to dreaming big. For example, instead of thinking something isn't possible, say being a millionaire in the next 2 years, you could ask yourself "how could I make $1 million in the next 2 years?"

In that case, I now have permission to let my mind run wild with ideas. No limiting beliefs, no fear, just untapped blue sky thinking.

To make a million dollars over the next two years I would need to make around $1370 a day. Divided by 8 hours a day, that means I need to bump up my hourly rate to $171. 🤔. Actually, I don't want to work weekends, so it's even higher than that. That might not be likely, but I could certainly push to renegotiate some of my contracts and up my hourly rate for new clients... 

But I'd still need to diversify my income in other ways...

I'd probably need to sell a product or service that could stretch my income window from 8 hours to 24. In that case, my hourly rate over a day could drop down to $57 (ie) a sale of $57 per hour.

Now it's all starting to look a little less daunting, don't you think?

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