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Apr 05, 2019 20:23:58

Reinventing organizations by Frederic Laloux

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Yesterday I was recommended this book, called "Reinventing organizations" written by Frederic Lalox. This is the counter suggestion by @martintaice against the book about how to politically interact with others in an organization. But I could not continue to read even the summary. So I am genuinely curious about what is about.

In general, I really like to read some recommended books because if I read them and will be able to talk about it with those who recommended. Even if the book itself seems to be boring or meaningless, I can still keep another motivation by wondering why that person recommended this book or where is the area he or she was interested in. 

Back to "Reinventing organization", oh yes, even at first glance, this is something I actually would like to spend the time on it. There is a lot of new things learn and partially things I heard somewhere else. Actually I need to confess. I did not know about Teal organization. I had an impression that it was based on trust and a kind of new idea how to formulate the organization. But I thought it was coined by Teal, Mr. Teal. It was no. And now I understood. 

I need to spend additional days to read and understand this book but the point is about Teal organization. There are 5 different type of organization in the book.

  • Red - predatory leadership. fear is the glue of the org like mafia.
  • Amber - authoritative leadership. top down command and control like military
  • Orange - goal and task oriented. management by objectives like multinational companies 
  • Green - consensus oriented. focus on culture and empowerment like a family 
  • Teal - distributed leadership. self-management like Teal

Teal is a type of bird that organize their group based on self-orientation. 

Now I am understanding where the world is going. Let me spend more on this. 


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