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May 28, 2019 00:06:20

Reflection of Weekly Theme "Coffee"

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In the past 7 days, I kept writing about coffee by setting 7 topics as below in advance, which I just through out of my mind. Today, I would like to reflect these days and share what I liked and what I learnd.

Topics I wrote in the past 7 days

  1. A better way to brew
  2. Relationship between regions and taste
  3. Nutrition and impact on health
  4. The way to become a barista
  5. A barista contest
  6. Coffee market and business in the world
  7. Latest technology to brew tastier coffee

Fun to write if the theme is good

I enjoyed a few of the topics, especially the first one. While researching by myself, I found something new and would like to know more and more. You can tell how much I was excited by the volumne.

Also, appropriate sizing would be important. For 2nd and 6th topic, there were a lot of information and it was hard to summarize concisely. To pick a good theme for 200 WaD, I need to divide further these topics into smaller ones.

Continuously writing a similar topic

My original intention was to deepen my epismetic curiosity, not shallowly scratching everything by writing about random things. I think I like this way if I can continue to write something consistent in a certain angle.


I felt it was rhythmical week thanks to the determined topics. Whenever I started to draft and think of 200WaD, I can more easily be in a mode of 200WaD. I know what to search. Also, there are an opportuniy to create a similar structure across the posts under the theme, which helps us to write your post smoothly. The first day is setting a theme, and the following days are the day when you write about the topics you choose. Then, you could have a reflection like this post. In-between posts, you can also link and refer to the other posts under the same theme in a certain way if there is such relationship


Sometimes you also come up with something different to write spontaneously on a day. And, if you feel like you have an uninteresting topic, it might be harder to continue.

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    @hiro I like this new writing exercise based on "epismetic curiosity". It's fun to learn new things, and the exercise makes it easy to come up with things to write. Very smart! ;)

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | May 28, 2019 20:45:20
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