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Feb 07, 2019 09:30:21

React, D3, and hooks

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Had a little React Hooks celebration πŸŽ‰ last night. Wanted to wear a party hat. Couldn't find a party hat.

Played around with refactoring an existing dataviz dashboard to hooks. 

Here's what we learned. thread. πŸ‘‡ #200wordsTIL



1) Do not refactor your existing code to use hooks. There's little benefit.


2) Been using modern React patterns 16.3 onwards? Refactoring to hooks is easy.

state = {} to useState

getDerivedStateFromProps πŸ‘‰useEffect/useMemo

componentDidX πŸ‘‰ useEffect/useMemo


3) Don't be like me and use a combination of useEffect and useState when you're really looking for useMemo.

πŸ’‘Lightbulb moment this morning πŸ˜…


4) Keep a separate render method. Your component becomes easier to read.

I don't have a name for this pattern yet.


5) useState doesn't play well with functions. If you want to save a function (like a D3 layout generator) you have to wrap it in an object.

@dan_abramov am I holding it wrong?


Actually, πŸ‘†might be related to functional state updates. You aren't meant to use functions _as_ state.



6) Using an object for hooks looks funny in @brian_b_vaughn's React DevTools. You can see state is an object, but not the values.


7) Somehow moving to components breaks shouldComponentUpdate for children.

 You don't need it anymore because your memos/effects know just when to update via the [] argument, but that was interesting to find.


8) Hooks are great. Definitely try them in new code. 🎣

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