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Jul 14, 2019 11:30:59

Re: Why I started #Teamstreak

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I remember being confused about head movements in school. Nod is agreement, shake is disagreement. In India, however, they have the bobble -- which is agreement.

@brandonwilson - nice post. I nod and shake in turn.

What if the thing you call #need -- is a mis-representation of reality?

Byron Katie, is an author, teacher who lost her mind before finding reality.

Here's the distinction: "reality is observable" -- how do you know you need to be writing? you write. How do you know you need a streak? you have one.

Agreements, nods, promises, commitments, discipline -- while fun words to play with -- they sometimes argue with reality.

My son has six-pack abs, not because he needs them, but because he grew up being a picky eater, didn't ever get addicted to sweet things, and worked out a ton as a young gymnast. In his teens, he's mostly lazy, loves sitting on the couch and playing video games. I didn't get his permission to say 'lazy' -- but we're both realistic about it and we'll both admit to it when asked why we're not doing something others thing we could / should do.

Millions of people want to change whatever it takes to get six-pack abs. Essentially, you have to have way less fat -- that's about 99% of it. But, if they needed six-pack abs, they'd have them.

Does my son need to eat cleanly, climb rocks, and exercise so intensely? He must; he does.

Those who #need #teamstreak may not get it simply because of the way it's set up. It's not designed for getting better at writing. It's designed for obsessive / compulsive behavior. I don't mention that pejoratively.

In fact, obsession is the way to get any result you want. Distraction is real. Attention is limited, and results are fleeting.

I'm all for becoming a better writer. Honestly, I don't really know how. The writing I do doesn't feel like the scales I used to practice in elementary school. It feels rather easy, enjoyable, and not like I'm stressing my muscles for growth. I do notice, however, that editing is a big part of shaping my thoughts clearly.

What I'd love to be a part of is something with more rigorous work than just a 200 word count.

Should we invite a writing coach to give us some group lessons?

In short, you need what you get, and not the other way around. That said, I'm in! ( until I get kicked out because I didn't obsess 'enough')

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    @brianball They must really love bobbleheads in India. 🤣 I did think for a bit about the use of the word "need." I use it as a means to an end, in the same way Project Food as Fuel is an emphasis on what I eat because I need to improve my health. I think the smaller, focused group Mastermind is going to be a big help for all of us in terms of improving writing.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 14, 2019 13:31:23
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    @brianball - Hmmm...
    "you need what you get, and not the other way around"

    Is there a way to tweak with 'need'?

    Keni avatar Keni | Jul 14, 2019 16:02:20
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      @keni - there is if you tweak it.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 14, 2019 17:44:12
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