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May 07, 2019 13:00:05

Re: The reset button

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I too heard the *beep*

It was a rhythmic sound in the background. You could get accustomed to it and tune it out if they gave you some of the relaxing morphine.

It was put into the IV drip system. It was good. I just remember thinking - I don't care what this will eventually cost me, it's worth it. I came in feeling pain - and now, the world is right.

The *beep* wasn't the only audible in the room. I heard the conversations and the mechanical beat of the pumps moving fluids through the system. There was a light buzz from all the electrical devices and the fluorescent lights above.

I felt fine -- but it wasn't quiet.

If you let yourself float out a bit, you could hear different sounds. The sound of your heartbeat and the movement of the sheets as you move to get comfortable or to scratch an itch.

The inhale of and exhale and ticking of the clock on the wall. It's not often we're giving the opportunity to tune into the smallest little sounds. Out there -- there's an opportunity to recalibrate and reset.

That out there isn't in here where the stress and worry and anxiety hang out. That's where we go to reset.

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