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Jun 05, 2019 07:39:32

Re: The Process: Decision Matrix

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One stage in the software design process is feature selection.  

The Design Sprint framework offers a technique called the Decision Matrix.

Objective: Prioritize Feature Ideas

The process can be divided into three steps:

Step 1. Prepare

( Two lists: features and judgement criteria )

  • A list of feature ideas. 
  • Two criteria to judge ideas. 

Example criteria: 

Impact — value to a good user experience

Effort — the amount of work required

Novelty — anything unique

Step 2. Plot 

Create an X,Y chart with Impact on the Y axis and Effort on the X.

Use a single Post-it™ note per idea and place it on the graph corresponding to its impact and effort (e.g. low impact high effort would place the note low and to the right. High impact and minimal effort places the note high on the left of the graph.)

[ ] represent post-it notes. * & $ % are the ideas.


      |       [ * ]                                  /

      |          (group A)                  /          [$]

      |                         [&]         /           

      |                                     /         group B    [%]

      __________________________________________  [effort]

feature [*] and [&] might be chosen because higher impact and less effort

A digital tool like Figma will also work.

3. Pick 

Draw a diagonal line. Pick the features which lay on one side. You may want to include or exclude features from the other side. That's ok. It's not a science. Rather, it's just a way to give you perspective and be taking action toward making a decision on the first round of features.

Start with these features and quickly move to the next stage in the process.

For more design tips, follow @zyumbik  - who posted the original -- I re-wrote it here so I could put it in terms I understood.

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