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Aug 14, 2019 16:31:27

Re: Re: How do I make a million dollars? (2)

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Sir Abe

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Ideas be nothin if they stay up in your brain.

i got least 200 words on any given day.

Sometimes you read a post and you say okay then, good-bye.

Other times you just gotta hit that re-ply.

I can't help but go Kobe, straight become a ballhog

So Many Re's dog, make you re-up, dogg.

College is expensive. But 200 Words is free -- if you're mean like me -- and only about 30 bucks if you're a good person like Keni. But anyways, the immense value in being part of this community has been watching it blossom in real time.

I never got to see a business related community blossom real-time in college. I got to watch social communities blossom, but never business. And so the professor Baz has taught me... not directly but through his creation and also the community we've all created together... lessons and more importantly perspectives that I can't imagine the typical college education bestowing. 

So what is that? 

Austin Kleon wrote a pretty seminal book where he argues that everyone should be writing about their work.

Seth Godin always writes about how important it is to write -- even sludge -- daily to share and to think things out.

Many many many thought leaders have said these things. But it wasn't until I came on here -- and I'm not saying this is the only place to do it... this just happened to be the place for me --  that I found a SASSified version of what those thought leaders were preaching.

I'm not that smart of a guy. So even though I'll know for sure that Austin and Seth are preaching truth... I won't listen. But if you SASSify it like 200wad, then I'll do it. And I think you, whoever you are reading this, are similar to me. 

So with the Fear Hacking Journal... it's obvious that we want to overcome fear. We don't even need thought leaders to preach this to us, although there are those too.

But how do you take that inherent desire, and SASSify it? And scratch that. For Baz it was SASSification because his craft is software. In Keni's case... what can you -ification for FHJ? The physical journal I think is a reward that should come after engagement has solidified. So how can you start forming a community around swallowing butterflies, overcoming fear? 

With Baz... he just took a bunch of people hungry to write... whether that be a book or a series of posts... but that desire to write was there... and he simply gave us a place to do it with each other. That was the first step in a long journey.

So overcoming fear is the long journey I believe. What is the short step that you can create for everyone to take.... not just today but also everyday after that? 

What is the 200 words equivalent to the long journey of overcoming fear?

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    @abrahamKim - Sir Abe.... Thank you for this analysis. I am actively thinking about this very thing... I like to brainstorm on paper from time to time and have been writing notes.
    Thank you for this and keep me accountable to keep going.. please.

    Keni avatar Keni | Aug 15, 2019 23:47:37
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    @abrahamKim that poem 👍

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Aug 15, 2019 21:33:44
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    tagged because of poem

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Aug 14, 2019 16:37:41
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      @abrahamKim haha, handle wrongly spelt...

      But i found it anyway.

      The beauty of this site is actually watching it grow. Since December till now.

      It's one reason i keep coming back, it inspires me.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Aug 15, 2019 14:27:50
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      fuck man. That was actually a typo. I actually do know how to spell your name. I was typing fast.

      but I'm putting on here publicly... I will never ever spell your name wrong again. Ever

      Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Aug 15, 2019 17:10:01
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