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Apr 22, 2019 07:17:35

Re: productive Monday

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10 Ideas for videos:

1. Make a single video for each feature.

2. A 2-minute video describing how you think.

3. A before & after video -- a quick description of your thinking before you write your 10 ideas of the day -- then a post-idea commentary.

4. A 10IdeasADay video series where you just record your document getting filled in with the ten ideas. Put some background music on it and share it on Twitter.

5. A YouTube Series where you have 20 ideas for people who want them. Invite guest idea folks - like @dontheideaguy

6. Have a 100 Days of 10 ideas for a single theme.

7. 10 Ideas to Action series -- where each day, you pick an idea and take 30 minutes of action on it to show how one could get started.

8. Take a single list of 10 ideas -- then have ten more ideas for each idea.

9. Idea Telephone - you pass a single idea to a friend -- and they respond with 10 ideas for your idea. Then, each person does this.

10. Create a google form for people who want ideas on what they can do - then have them pay $1  for 10 ideas. (they won't, but if you go through the whole process, you'll have some good experience)

Can you give me 10 ideas on what I could write ideas about?



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    @brianball Brian this is amazing !! Thank you .. I could do some more videos hehe.

    Efran avatar Efran | Apr 22, 2019 17:29:00
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