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May 14, 2019 07:10:29

Re: How to be a freethinker

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@haideralmosawi - seems the term is where the debate happens. 'freethinker' ( free to change your mind? )

in knowing how their thinking is shaped by both internal and external factors, they choose to side with the truth over their current beliefs.

We can side with what we believe is better information. 

We can experiment and get our own data. 

I imagine an artist putting strokes on a canvas - lots of strokes.

Each stroke is a reflection of what he thought he wanted. 

However each stroke is a combination of factors. One is the application of his ability and training. Muscle endurance and control, vision, environmental factors - all playing a role in how that stroke goes down. And another stroke goes down either lighter, harder or in some other way to modify the previous strokes.

The freethinker - is the painter willing to keep at it until they extract the essence that matches their preference for truth. 

Some people are happy to spend their time with a simple line drawing and don't experience any compelling force demanding their attention to the line - or in our case thoughts and beliefs.

Freethinkers then are questioning the quality and the value of the line. "Is it sufficient? Is it what I believe to be true?"

When the line is not sufficient, they spend more time at the canvas. Or, in the thinking model, more time questioning and modifying their beliefs that shape and color their mental canvas.

Could we say that freethinkers just don't care to think as much?

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