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Jun 15, 2019 09:22:16

Re: Get Lost

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@Rawhead - I'm onboard with getting lost - 100%. 

Many years ago, I flew to PA with a friend who was buying a used Porsche. This was before smart phones and GPS in cars - but my mom loaned me her portable Nav system. Once out of town, my buddy asked me to drive. ( Our goal was CA - we had 3 days of driving )

 I start driving and take off.. and he freaks out.. "Where are you going - I don't have the GPS set up yet."

"I'm going to California man -- it's 3 days that way ( I point West )

"Stop. Pull over. Let's get this GPS set up."

I had no words at that point and pulled over -- not knowing what I was in for over the next three days. 

I ignored the GPS any chance I got just to see if I could trigger a similar response. I never did let on that I was doing it on purpose. He figured I didn't know what I was doing. The yells of "Hey, what are you doing?" ensued.

Side notes:

The 944 seats went quite flat and we got a lot of sleep while the other was driving.

As I knew we might, we made it back. The GPS recorded a top speed of 134 in Montana. Hope the radiator leak in Utah wasn't my fault. We got it sorted and made it home.

A couple of months after we got home somebody ran a red light and took his front end off.

Years later when he asked me to make another trip like this, I politely declined.

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    @brianball Luv this. Sounds like an awesome trip. My wife and I are headed to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in a couple of weeks and the GPS will be used sparingly.

    Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | Jun 16, 2019 08:24:54
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