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Jun 12, 2019 15:23:31

Re: Focus on things that don't change

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Brian Ball

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If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all. Michelangelo

I love this quote because I've experienced the lack of mastery in different areas of my life. Mostly because I simply didn't want to work that hard. 

Case in point: As a college student in Santa Barbara, I trained quite a bit - as young bucks are wont to do. I ran and rode my bike. It was a lot for me. However, there was a pro triathlete I'd see several days each week. He trained because it was his job. I didn't want that job specifically because I knew how much work was required.

This post is a reply to a comment by Jeff Bezos.

While Amazon is an amazing collection of accomplishments, a single man hardly deserves as much credit as he gets.

What if the reason he gets that much attention is because giving him attention gets attention for the people reporting on it.

Few people stop to think about the causes and effects in our human systems.

What causes us to show up and write 200 words?

What causes us to get out on the bike and go a little farther than yesterday?

Why do we look up how the earth rotates around the sun at 23.5 degrees?

When do we know it's time to get more sleep?

If you want to focus on something that doesn't change? You could do worse than focus on the idea of change itself. On the inevitable fact that you're getting older and your interests and abilities can and will change.

You just got a little older. Now, go write and change your ability.

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    @brianball I bet as you were writing this things got clearer. I hope so. That's what keeps me going.

    Mike Byrnes avatar Mike Byrnes | Jun 13, 2019 00:00:48
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      @mikebyrnes - exactly.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 13, 2019 00:18:11
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