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May 07, 2019 23:07:53

Re: Dreaming with Vincent

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Brian Ball

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Parent post: Dreaming with Vincent

I knew today was going to be kind of rough energetically. I was tossing and turning last night but the dreams were downright real.

I walked down the sidewalk near a school. The yard wasn't full of kids but there were a few under the age of twelve playing on some equipment. The cyclone fence separating me from the students seemed to curve - causing me to drift toward my right. I remember looking over my shoulder thinking I might be walking into the street, but that wasn't the case. Behind me, the scene was different -- darker -- though in front it was daylight, if a bit cloudy.

The fence started getting closer and my wide-stepping made no different. 

I was smaller than I remember — the children distant now - no longer on the other side of the fence - not even audible.

With each step, I felt pieces of my arm skin catch on the rough finish of the metal wires.

Pieces of my hair started to get caught -- my head was being drawn back as the fence drew it in. I remember walking forward -- Now I wasn't. Weightless - supported.

I was being coiled by this fence that now squeezed me with each exhale.

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