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It is so important not to feel compelled to write just because you signed up to 200WaD. It really doesn't matter if you miss a day or a week.

What IS important is that you know WHY you're writing and so have some sort of direction. Ok, so getting into a daily discipline can help, for the discipline itself and potentially to improve.

But what is the point of writing random stuff continually? I mean a bit from time to time is fun, but that often happens in the comments anyway. The reason @basilesamel set this up was so people - like him, leading by example - could write a book by writing a little a day.

So, try and find a topic that you are passionate about and so which gives you consistent motivation and inspiration for your writing.

My problem is often like one point you made, too much to write about. But I just sit back and remember my goals and pick one of them to continue on that day. And if I am not inspired at all, I don't write at all.

Simple as that. As the wonderful @lucjah kindly mentioned, check out my series on this: https://200wordsaday.com/words/writing-for-your-goals-not-your-streak-bringing-it-all-together-77705c59d6ba6c7ee



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    @arthurkendall I started writing 200 words a day just because I wanted to write more for the fun of it. That is all. Here is my first post on 200WaD telling exactly that. I got the idea of starting a book a few days after starting developing the habit because I'm a challenge person so I like having ambitious goals.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Feb 23, 2019 17:42:23
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      @basilesamel Interesting, thanks for that, I don't know why I've not got around to reading that post until now! I think we agree on the fundamentals, that writing should be a joy, and things flow when you approach it in this way. And while developing a discipline is good, like any new habit, especially the classic gym example, simply saying "I must do it" just doesn't work. You need the intrinsic motivation of which I have written extensively here. I must get around to turning it into an ebook!

      Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Feb 23, 2019 13:43:06
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    @arthurkendall as i think NOBODY reads "Replies", here i go:

    Yesterday I though I'm objecting everything you wrote, today I just realised that every thing is different for every one. So simply, your way is just not my way.

    With this obvious and totally boring statement I could finish the reply. Yet, that is not enough to "score" a post.

    So there I go...

    "It is so important not to feel compelled to write just because you signed up to 200WaD". But for me THAT is exactly the point of my whole exercise/adventure/journey here - to see what comes when I do have to write everyday.

    You wrote: "if I am not inspired at all, I don't write at all". I could reverse it. The more I'm not inspired, the more I am looking forward to what my daily bunch of words will be like. It's the "necessity" to write a post everyday, that brings new, sometimes completely unexpected ideas.

    But... well... actually there is no contradiction here. Damn!!! As, if we agree that "what IS important is that you know WHY you're writing", I am writing TO WRITE EVERYDAY.

    And again, "what is the point of writing "random stuff continually"?". Well, THAT (writing random stuff continually) is exactly what I've been doing here from the very beginning. Only I would call that "experimenting with form and content" (wouldn't you agree @jasonleow, that experimenting still is "writing"?). Actually sometimes "non writing" still is some sort of writing.

    But the hardball for me was your statement, that "The reason @basilesamel set this up was so people - like him, leading by example - could write a book by writing a little a day". It's as if you were saying, that 200WaD is an exclusive space, for a very particular group of people, who have a very particular goal and decided to achieve it here, in a very particular way.

    And so, the conclusion would be, that, as I'm definitely NOT one of these people (I am not writing nor plan to write a book, and I'm so not like Basile Samel that it simply pains me), 200WaD is NOT a place for me. Or, that I am not the right material for 200WaD.

    And I think this is a place for me, because... I FEEL SOOO GOOD HERE :-))) Being here is for me as much about writing (everyday:) as about reading, discovering, interacting, exchanging...

    Like right now!


    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 22, 2019 22:50:55
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      @lucjah You make some very good points! I certainly agree that sometimes you have to see where things take you. But I was really addressing the "pain" people suffer from "not being inspired", you know, when writing goes from a blessing to a curse.

      And I certainly didn't mean to imply that this wonderful community is only for people with lofty writing ambitions (even if as @basilesamel has said in reply to my post, he does like to have ambitious goals) - it is, indeed, a wonderful place precisely because it is so varied.

      So really, as you say, we do agree. Your why is, indeed, to seek inspiration in anything and everything, which is wonderful. I do the same in life and it does affect my writing, of course. But I'm sure, in the end, something will emerge from all this creativity - the universe seeks out creators and rewards them with more energy to keep creating!

      I look forward to seeing what may emerge from the wonderful, crazy world of your mind!

      Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Feb 23, 2019 13:53:17
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      @arthurkendall Thank you!
      I actually enjoy protesting i must say, so maybe i overdid it a bit, so forgive me if it seems like i'm attacking you!
      I love to be here. I love your posts, as you well know, and I am enjoying what the "us" here is bringing us, and looking forward to so much more.

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 23, 2019 21:12:43
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      @lucjah Me? Offended? You have much to learn of me still! As you have now discovered, I am a Brit, and banter is a national sport (difficult to translate but if you're not familiar with it basically means good-natured teasing in its "light" form through to full-on insulting - though never with malice. You have to be either thick-skinned or, as I now realise, be totally accepting and at peace with who you are, so that any opinions of others are just that. And if you practice mindfulness, you can learn to appreciate any comments that touch sensitive points as reflections of things you need to work on.

      I will now add that I have since changed my mind somewhat, thanks, to a large extent, to you. Simply writing here every day is, indeed a wonderful thing. While I still know that creating the life you want requires a process, and goals are part of that, not everything in life has to conform, especially if it's done as a hobby or pastime, like my improvisation on the piano...

      It's important to catch ourselves getting to fixed in our ideas as this leaves you closed to fresh perspectives and ideas.

      Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Mar 05, 2019 10:21:07
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      @arthurkendall thank you! We have an interesting dialogue today, scattered among many posts... hihi... fun chasing you chasing me chasing you!!!

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Mar 05, 2019 20:20:53
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    @arthurkendall Thank you for an honourable mention <3

    omg... I have to totally disagree, and i must say it makes blood flow faster, yey!
    yet... cannot do the disagreeing properly tonight due too being to tired to think

    I SHALL WRITE "REPLY" TOMORROW (good way not to have a post done still having no direction... hihihi)
    actually, like with everything, not keeping a direction is kind of (non)direction
    (like not making a choice is a choice, or being consequently non-consequent etc)

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 22, 2019 00:06:49
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      @lucjah look forward to it and debating it further. Now go and lash yourself with a wet noodle for not writing now :p

      Oh, not making a choice is most definitely a choice. Like allowing things to happen. It's all part of being 100% responsible for your life. It's not just what you do, it's what you let happen. If you are "consequently non-consequent" I guess you would, at least, not complain about it, but many do. This is a whole other direction haha...

      Arthur Kendall avatar Arthur Kendall | Feb 22, 2019 01:42:45
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    @arthurkendall good words! That's why I prefer to write early in the morning — the words just flow out of me, whereas in the evening it's hard to pull something out.

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