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May 05, 2019 12:13:02

Re: Challenged

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Signing up is easy. Keeping up is hard.

I got talked into a training triathlon by a gal I met at a coffee shop. She was new in town, we had a fun conversation, and she knew inherently how to get herself to do what she wanted to do -- enlist other people in your cause.

We all want to write. Some want to write more. Others want to write better. Many want to write at all. 

Challenges don't work for everybody. For others, they're fuel for the fire.

The best learning experience I ever had was learning to ride a unicycle. The elements involved include:

1. Much fail

2. Intense sprints followed by rest

3. Daily habit

4. Laughter and pain

5. Personal challenge with a friend

Each day, we'd meet on my driveway. We had a split two-car garage with a divider between. With the doors open, we used that divider as our starting point to balance ourselves and start.

The goal was simple. Beat the farthest line so far. It didn't matter if it was your record. You just tried to improve each time. When you fell, it was the other person's turn.

I don't remember in days or weeks how long it took, but eventually we got to the end of the driveway. Then, to the end of the street. Then, around the block.

Whether you want to write words or code software or raise bees to make honey. You can start and fail today. Right now, actually.

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