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Jun 11, 2019 06:48:47

Re: A streak matters

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Parent post: A streak matters

After browsing around the 200wad community, it seems like everyone is talking about the Streak issue, I talk about losing my streak on other community before.

It might indeed feel depressed or sad when you find out losing the streak, especially if the case that you are not purposely. It feels like after you been writing non-stop for 364 days and the last day you overslept and forgot it, and it breaks your one-year goals.

On the other side, I feel the pain also writing for the sake of streak; some people might write some trivial things or private post with some gibberish words to achieve the 200 words a day. It seems like against the daily writing motivations. On Makerlog community, you can see that sometimes people log task for sleeping or watching tv, it's non-related and doesn't benefit the community.

Ultimately streak feels like a double-edged sword, on one side it motivated you and keep you up daily, on the other hand, if you didn't handle carefully, you might drown with it and become a mindless zombie that goes after brain ( streak I mean ).

It's like money, on the one hand, we would like to have a lot, on the other hand, we don't want to burn out just because of money. It's about how you strike a balance.

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    @knight Hmmm the interesting thing I learned about trying to keep my streak is that writing gibberish or trivial things to keep the streak IS part of the bigger journey, not against it. Because learning how to navigate and persevere through the low points in my writing enabled me to come back up stronger. It forced me to come up with ever creative ways to write so that I can keep the streak, and through that, I learned loads about creativity. So, yeah, but of course, everyone's mileage may vary. Did you experience something similar in your writing journey here before too?

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jun 11, 2019 20:28:14
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      @knight @jasonleow <<writing gibberish or trivial things to keep the streak IS part of the bigger journey, not against it>> Oh yes yes yes!!!

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jun 11, 2019 17:39:35
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      @jasonleow yeah, there are times even I have a full list of backup topics to write, but I don't feel write any of those, in the end, force myself to come out something new that I m really want to talk about

      Knight avatar Knight | Jun 12, 2019 06:32:08
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      @jasonleow @lucjah got your point!

      Knight avatar Knight | Jun 12, 2019 06:32:52
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