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May 19, 2019 20:45:03

Re: A busy day

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Parent post: A busy day

Reading the parent post, I reflected on my day today. Even though it was, well is, Sunday today I had to wake up at 5 am.

I drove with my mother to a place about half an hour away from my parent's house. We set up a small shop there, as my father does some woodwork has his hobby and has some things to sell now and then. (No shame self-advertisement, the page is in German but it should not be too hard to navigate around :) ).

Normally my father and my mother do this kind of thing alone or with my brother, but yesterday my father took on a drive with one of his Motorcycle-Friends as that friend had his 70th birthday a while ago and the "Motorcycle-Gang" gifted him this adventure.

So it was my turn today to sell something to the people. :)

It wouldn't be so bad if the weather would have been better. Most of the time the wind was blowing like crazy and in between where some rain showers. As all of it was open air we quickly got pretty wet. I hope I won't take a cold from that.

But at least it was great to talk to my mother again, sure we meet almost every week or make a telephone call, but sometimes you need to talk in person. Especially as I'm moving to another apartment in the near future.

Anyway, I'm now sitting in the living room, watching some Stargate typing my 200 words and waiting for the day to end.

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