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Mar 08, 2019 03:08:25

Rationing hours

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Victoria Maung

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Yesterday, someone asked me, "how do you have so much of your @#&* together?" And I was genuinely surprised. Maybe because I never relished the feeling of "having it together" and was always too busy focusing on my next task. Maybe because I haven't quite stepped back far enough to look at my circumstance relative to others'. Maybe I'm too obsessed with stacking my cards right to the extent that I've come to naturally expect either failure or success (both learning experiences).

I may have prompted this question from my friend because I had a good day. I happened to have gotten an internship offer for which I'm super pumped and met with my future thesis committee on the same day. On the other hand, I tend to turn in artwork for the deadline critique that's sufficient, but no means perfect. If you know me for the latter, you'd think of me as a procrastinator, but you'd also learn that I thoroughly think about my timeline for larger projects. 

Maybe the way I prioritize my hours is just one of the many types of efficiency, but it's nice to more formally lay it out. Maybe it's life and professional experience that allows me to elucidate trends and patterns in my life that helps me to make better judgment about how I ration my hours. 

Experience tells me that I should start applying for summer internships in November because my life during those three months is contingent on this application process and thus far more important than fidgeting with details on a project that would ultimately translate to a 2% grade increase. As broke as I am, I think I'd be more stressed about not having a job than about getting a B instead of an A. 

I wouldn't say that I procrastinate, nor would I say that I do my work far ahead in advance. I realized that I tend to front-load consistency-based tasks in lieu of the ones that have more immediate due dates. 

Longer term (maybe optional-/personal-/willpower-based) tasks might include applying for jobs, exercising, or developing my writing skills here on 200WAD. I tell myself that the larger, short-term projects will get done no matter what because urgency is my greatest motivation. But these work projects shouldn't interfere with my opportunity to engage with the long-term, shorter tasks on a regular basis.

I'm just thinking out loud....

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