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Jun 08, 2019 20:42:37


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Hello again, curious reader. It is me again, the writer who doesn't have a clue what to write today. I think I will write about my day again.

Today was a really busy day. Through all morning and a good part of the afternoon, I was on the road with my mother.

We went to Graz (the capital City of Styria) to buy some things for my new apartment. A few different wall-paints here, a few brushes there, the kind of things you need to paint the walls.

After that, we ate lunch at a Chineese Restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Full we went shopping again. But this time only to look for, what to buy.

We were in a big mall, so it was crazy how much people were all around.

Sometimes I think about how hard it must be to keep these malls open. You need janitors, cleaning staff, admin stuff and so many more. And everything needs to function, as the "customer needs to be served". Think about it, a few decades back there werent that kind of buildings.

You probably had a grocery store nearby and buying a vehicle or something other, like a washing machine, would be a small world trip. 

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