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Jun 17, 2019 23:39:31

random diet thoughts

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Swizec Teller

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swizec [10:13 AM]

I dunno, I’ve always been a fan of small imperceptible changes slowly drifting towards the new normal

sudden shakeups rarely work

swizec [10:20 AM]

something I often like to tell people

If it took 10 years to gain the weight, why are you expecting to lose it in a month? Or even a year?

_real_ weight loss that you won’t bounce back form after 2 years can only be achieved with fundamental habit and attitude changes

swizec [10:22 AM]

Yes there’s plenty of people hwo lost a bunch of weight fast

Show me the ones who still look their best 2 or 3 years later

swizec [10:23 AM]

The problem is that diets don’t work and habits are difficult to change

calories in/calories out definitely works

the problem is that people don’t build the habits to maintain that balance long term

swizec [12:56 PM]

anyway @law I think i found a better explanation for waht I meant earlier with small and imperceptible changes

Imagine you reduced your caloric intake by 5% every week

5% … if you’re eating 5000, that’s 250 calories … eat one fewer protein bar or whatever, not a big deal to cut back over 7 days

but keep that up for 6 months and suddenly you’re at … 1500 calories

even if you go by 3%/week, you’d get down to 2400

compound returns, math is scary :smile: (edited)

and the best part is that each coming week, you’re cutting _less_ than you did the week before in absolute terms (edited) 

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    @swizecteller There is as much psychology (if not more) as there is math in weight loss. This is a topic of intense interest for me right now. At some point I will write about my experience on the path to better health in the hopes of clarifying what has worked for me.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 18, 2019 07:30:33
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