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Mar 01, 2019 21:47:13


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G̷͕̳͝l̴̨̟̏̃̆̚e̷̳͇͖͑̔b̴̞̱̦͕̼͇̔̽̀̽͒ ̸̈́̆͒̀̉ ̵̨̪̈́̒Sa̴͇͊b̵̨̅͆i̶̖͑̄r̶̩̘̊̒̕z̷̟̀͑y̴͚͉̎͘à̸̃͜ͅn̶̤̲̜͊͐ỏ̵͈͔̑v̴

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Just a list of thoughts to fill in 200 words at 2 AM. I'm not planning to sleep today. 

I want to work at Figma. I already kind of do it, but for free. I manage the Russian community, and so far my journey has been great! I would love to continue doing that and even more, but also getting money for that. 

I'm planning to write a guide or handbook on how to focus, and I don't know how to explain the idea properly. What kind of focus is that? I'm talking about the focus of your life: activities, skills, thoughts and other things that you prioritize over everything else in your life. You cannot focus on only one thing, so my strategy is to identify and embrace all of your passions, and use their conjoint power.

Three hours ago I got a brilliant idea: create a link shortener for Figma. I already know how to implement it, and I'm working on it now. Hoping to get it kinda working in the morning. The main features I need to implement is generating short URLs, detecting Figma URLs, and, of course, retrieving long urls from the database and redirecting users to them. Also it would be great to purchase and connect the domain name and create the basic UI to finish the MVP.

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