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May 15, 2019 22:24:53

rainy days

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Its pretty cold in my country right now. Already a few weeks cold and rainy same as my mood. I don't know but probably the weather really can affect my behavior. I hate it hopefully its gonna change soon.

Anyway, let's not be just pessimistic hehe.

Habits habits habits. Yes, again I am gonna talk about my habits. I still didn't finish the Atomic habits books I am in the first 1/3 I guess (I am enjoying it hahahaha).

I didn't use any technique from the book but I add two positive habits into my day. I am doing 20 sit-ups (you need to start slowly :)) and I drink one and a half liter of bottled water. Of course, I drink much more during the day but this is the minimum baseline. I didn't start this habit just because it's modern to drink a lot of water but I feel I don't drink enough I usually forget to drink (coffee doesn't count right) so I think it is needed for my health. It's already about two weeks and I actually feel better. I know it can be just a placebo effect but I am not planning to stop.

Ok, small review about my habits.

Take care.:)


Stay with me. Efran.

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