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Nov 28, 2018 13:40:53

Rain Man

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I'm the man who uses the nature songs while working. From wind to flame, all kind of natural noise helps me to focus. But a few days ago I realized how I turn unnatural creature even listening rain sounds all day. 

When I was working, I was listening to rain songs. Then guess what happened? Real raining started. I can hear the songs. Did I enjoy? No! 

I maximized the volume of unnatural rain sound which comes from my device to reduce real rain sound. 

I thought about it to understand what my problem with reality. After dismissing some romantic approach I found out the issue. 

I do not have any tolerance for the things which don't have control. The unknown makes me uneasy. What is this? When will go to end? Will, it caused any damaged our environment? 

My own natural sounds have on/off button. I have control over it. Maybe I just feel safe only with screens. Flirting with ınstagram, ordering from 

Deliveroo, working with laptop.. etc. 

Some historians saw the transition to the agricultural era as a trap. I think and some writer things as well, the digital era is the biggest trap and spreading fast.

We can find ourselves locked up on the screens.


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