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May 02, 2019 13:54:17


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Keenen Charles

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There's something about the rain that I've always loved. Growing up in a tropical climate the sun and its heat is a drain most of the time. You feel it slowly sapping away your energy and focus. At times you just need an escape. But when the sky turns grey, and the thick clouds drift in blocking the light, it all changes.

You feel the winds grow stronger with every gust and the temperature dropping just enough to give you a chill but not enough to need a jacket. It's refreshing. As the raindrops begin to fall, a few at first and then all at once, the world around you changes. Gone are the typically saturated colours, replaced by muted tones and greys. The trees roar like a choir as the winds rush through them. You never notice how powerful they can be when it's nice outside. You never notice how little most things matter when you're busy trying to escape the heat.

In the aftermath, I feel rejuvenated. Calmed by the sudden chaos that just passed. The colour slowly returns and so does the heat. But you appreciate it a little more after some respite. You care about your troubles less when you see the world in grey.

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