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Mar 03, 2019 17:14:26

RΔƝÐ0М 卞ĤØÜƓН卞5 random thoughts

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Oh, baby, that's a great feeling when you do what you love very good. I'm proud of myself because I worked so productive and have a very good result! 

I'll write my random thoughts again. I don't want to write about a specific topic. Why do I need to write about one specific topic, when I can write about a lot of specific topics?

Speaking is a very good thing. I love to speak, I love to talk. 

I started to write here to write in English better. So, I'm training my writing skill. What's about my speaking in English skill? I talk in English not good because I don't have practice. It's hard to remember words and create sentences in a dialog.

I create sentences like a little turtle. 

I see the power of consistent writing. I feel it. So, if you want to learn something, do it every day. Develop daily healthy habits.

For this reason, yesterday I started to speak for 5 minutes a day. Today is the second day of my speaking. To be honest, the first three minutes feels impossible, but the next two minutes are easy. 

I wonder how much my speaking skill change in one month? 

I wanted to write here one interesting thought, but I forgot it because I didn't write it when this thought came to my mind.

I don't love to miss my interesting thoughts and dreams, because it feels like missing a part of me.

Thanks for reading, dear. <3

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