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Feb 17, 2019 18:16:14

Quantify Yourself with tools

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I just saw this post on how to quantify yourself on todoist team blog which gives me quite a few ideas to track some of the personal performance stats.

Currently, I m using Trello to manage my Goal this year. My Goal basically related to every little thing that I do daily, I think if I am able to track all these stats clearly and more accurately with a weekly review, I can really improve myself performance and actually hit my goal this year.

Some of the useful tips that I found through the articles is

Goodreads - I want to read more this year, although currently, I m using Trello to monitor what am I reading now, I guess I can pass this task over to Goodreads and just monitor every month how many books I have read.

Trak.tv - I think about to use this as well, but find it a bit pointless for my case, I only watch Running Man, Netflix and Youtube videos and none of my goal related to TV, so I m going to pass this.

Exist.io - Seriously consider subscribing to this to check up my stats closely. It seems like a good company to support too.

Maybe some people think is this really useful? like I mention about my target is counter check with my goal, I want to read 20 books this year then I better make sure my Goodreads have 20 books added, which mean at least before end June it should have at least 10 books added. If I plan to lose 10kg this year, it should be at least lose 5kg before the end of June as well.

Have a clear goal with measurable results and track it monthly or even weekly with stats, improve it with what the stats tell is how I going to optimise myself this year.

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