Mar 04, 2019 19:26:53

QnA 1 — Wish

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I wish everything will turn out for you just like you sincerely want! 

How to find what you really want — something that comes from within, that is not imposed by your surroundings? In what way do people and things that surround you affect your wishes? How do you avoid the stereotypes created by them? Do you need to avoid them? 

What do you want? What do I want? What does everybody want? Do we want what we genuinely want or is everything we want created by our past experiences? Can we want to do or to have something inly? Can our wishes be unaffected by our past? 

Do we even have wishes or is everything we do dictated by society and instincts? Are instincts our only “true” wishes? What can be considered a true wish?

How to understand that you want something sincerely? What is sincerity? What does it mean — to want something sincerely? Can we want something sincerely? If we can't want sincerely, why do people say that they want it? Do they want it or does society want it from them? If you leave out all prejudice and stereotypes, can you want something? 

Is wanting equal to making a decision? If you give yourself certain experiences in order to want something based on them, does it mean that you can want something you sincerely want? Or does it mean that you already had such experiences that made you want to do this? 

— Why are my questions becoming more complex?

— Why are abstract concepts so ambiguous?

— Why can't you give a specific answer to all of those questions?

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