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Jun 26, 2019 22:58:29

Project Plan: Climate Fixathon

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Craig Petterson

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After writing about my 4 projects for 2019 yesterday, I met up with some colleagues after work to discuss our project for The Climate Fixathon.

I believe we all went in this meeting expecting to expand upon our existing idea of measuring and improving our carbon foot prints, but we all had an open mind. It was interesting because we all come from different backgrounds. Our team currently consists of 2 men and 2 women.

We discussed what we wanted to focus on, what are goals could be and how we would influence users to perform these actions.

During our talk, I think our biggest break through was narrowing down what are goals would be. Our choices were education or action. Ultimately, our choice was easy when we thought about our own difficulties. We came to the decision to tackle a small problem we struggle with - just what can be recycled?

This is going to give us a chance to play around with some new technology that we're not familiar with, whilst still being able to use technologies we are proficient in. As well as developing skills from each other, managing a small stand alone project and dealing with communications between all of us - especially considering one of us is moving to the other side of a country before the fixathon starts.

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