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May 26, 2019 08:52:58

Product Hunt Maker Festival

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If you didn't hear about it, Product Hunt is relaunching the Maker Festival; I believe if I m not wrong, 200wordsaday also a winner from one of the Maker Festival competition.

I have a love-hate relationship with this event, whenever it happens, as a Maker I would like to join the fun, but every single time I will be either away in vacation, rushing last minute work for clients, busy moving house. So far, I didn't have chances to participate.

This round it seems like I m on ok workload and the time given is one month, I feel like to join, but the condition is using their new API which is on Graphql, which is something new to me. It makes me wonder shall I spend the time to dig in this new shiny things for the next few weeks? Will it be a waste of time? Shall I focus on building my things continually?

So far my research can't find useful info on PHP with Graphql, this going to be a tough one if I want to build something for it. I do have ideas about what I want to make already.

I m going to give it a try today to see can I get some basic work, if this can be done, I will going to spend the next few weeks building something using the producthunt API.

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