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Apr 19, 2019 07:51:25


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Victoria Maung

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Oops, I did it again. I managed to give myself extra responsibilities in these trying times. Not only that, but I managed to entangle myself in a subject matter in which I have no expertise (hello, machine learning). As of this past week, I'm really pushing the limits of my ability to sell myself as a science visual communicator (imposter syndrome makes me feel like I'm bs-ing, but I think I'm at least a little qualified). 

I've learned that I must figure out a process to help scientists and researchers communicate their ideas, which can be challenging, since I've never really been this sort of consultant before (usually, I just get people straight up tell me what to draw). Especially in a topic as esoteric as ML (to someone's who's had one year of C++ at best). I'm attempting to re-draw a simple figure, but also trying to figure out a way to tell the whole story. My role is quite tricky, because I feel as if most of my "advice" is intuitive, but I won't know for sure, especially if the "client" is too nice to say they already knew that. I need to develop a method to the sort of questions I ask, beyond the basic icebreakers and exploratory ones. 

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