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Dec 06, 2018 17:39:48

Priority & Sequencing for Brain Hacking

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Brian Ball

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I re-arranged my morning routine to exclude the distracting social parts. I like it. Now, after this final task of writing 200 words specifically for the streak, I'll be able to get heads down and start coding.

I realized, opening Slack before I got other tasks done was slowing things down. A quick pass through several different channels was causing me to drag my feet if there were any DMs I needed or wanted to address.

The new routine includes coffee, pushups while brewing, writing, support email then a social check. Then, I'm ready to focus on work.

Today, I'll be coding a system to automate one of my morning routines. Currently, I post a vocabulary word and a prompt in a private writing group I run. If I post straight in Slack, I might see the other shiny, happy people. 


With a little code, I'll keep myself from distraction and be able to schedule the delivery. The result is a more consistent and predictable outcome.


One tool I currently have in my arsenal is the Everyday.app via the Chrome extension. It's a nice visual to see what I get to do next. I have some related ideas and may just make my own solution. 

Stay tuned.

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