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May 04, 2019 10:55:24

Practising freshness (2)

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Jason Leow

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After lunch it was really cosy to snuggle up on the couch in the Stone Building, to read and just enjoy the presence of friends quietly. People walked past and commented that it was nice here. After all the rain and getting wet, it was lovely to just be dry and warm, with my feet propped up, reading quietly and peacefully.

I was still kinda stiff even though trying to open up the heart, but in the late afternoon, receiving the guests really helped move me in that direction. It was so nice helping people settle into Plum Village, especially when its their first time. It felt like I was showing my friends around and settling them down in their stay-over. It was a blessing in disguise - I had initially agreed to help out in the late afternoon grudgingly, thinking that I wanted to spend some time sitting or reading instead. But opening myself to the situation brought me these blessings of new friendships. It feels really good to feel that this is home, and strangers as friends. I think as long as I think for myself and start making plans and projections to preserve and get attached to my personal objectives, somehow suffering always comes. Now, despite planning, I can open up to other possibilities, and it feels light and fresh and joyful.

I think this is what I really want to do when I get back.

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