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Jun 19, 2019 23:25:44

Powering Through A Weird Week

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Craig Petterson

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Not feeling it right now…

I'm powering through. It's been a weird week. I still have a friend staying at mine. It's been unusual coming home and not being completely free. That's not entirely the case, I've mostly been able to do what I want and I've made sure to keep on top of my exercise and somewhat keep hold of my routine.

It doesn't help that Nay is ill too. Sometimes, I would go off into my office and work on some sort of side project, but I've not been able to do that.

Work has been usual too. We have a colleague leaving soon, so we're dealing with a hand over, but also fixing newly introduced bugs. It's been strange.

Then today, I got some amazing news! Our house purchase has progressed! I'm so excited. The initial date we were given is now a week on Friday! Woah! I'm still holding out on a full celebration just yet, because our solicitors have been a complete disaster. Thank god our chain has finally progressed though!

I'm hoping once this week is over, I can regroup and continue with some sense of normalcy. Although, right now, I'm not in a state to see that happening. I'm just holding onto that mental light. Maybe the Gin Tour we have planned on Saturday can help…

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    @craigpetterson 🍻for you and congrats for the new house purchase

    Knight avatar Knight | Jun 21, 2019 06:34:52
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