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Jan 27, 2019 22:00:24


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Do you know Vishen Lakhiani? He is the founder of Mindvalley. A company that teaches positivity and other self-development stuff. I watched one of his videos where he was talking about the six phases of meditation. 

Compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, future dreaming, the perfect day, and the blessing. Compassion is where you practice sympathy and think what others are feeling or thinking. In the video, Vishen gave an example of a person who dropped a wrapper of an oreo. He picked it up and threw the trash to the bin in front of the person. It turns out that the person had a very bad day and just didn't notice the wrapper. Compassion would make you less reactive of what people do since you don't know the whole context. 

Which brings us to the second phase, forgiveness. People may have done us wrong and whatever the reason is we can't forgive them. However not forgiving someone puts weight on our shoulder and space in our mind. It makes us paranoid to trust people because we don't want that bad experience to happen to us again. Though that is reasonable, other people might think that they did something wrong for us not to trust them. Forgiving even for very small things may help clear our minds and be more open.

The next two is about visualization. Future dreaming is where we visualize what will be our life in three to five years. Where will we be living, what car are we driving, what relationships will we have. Dream it until it becomes reality. Then we visualize the day ahead of us. It lets us focus on what makes our day perfect than what makes it a bad day. The last is to be thankful for what we have right now. It does not matter what religion we believe in or none at all. We can thank a god or people, a friend that helped us yesterday, whoever. There is always something to be thankful for.

I want to apply these ideas to my life. I do meditate but in the evenings, I guess I was just trying to sleep lol. I am a very irritable person, though I don't express it. Whenever somebody disturbs me while I'm working my eyebrows would meet for a second. I want to be calmer, and free my mind of negativity. 

I want to build something for people to come together and be positive. It will be a side project I probably could build in a week, maybe. I will announce it on twitter when its ready. 

Have you tried meditating? Also here's the video.

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    @xanderjakeq been following Vishen's work for some time and quite a fan of his 6 phases. Practised it a bit and liked how accessible it felt. Your project sounds intriguing! Share more?

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jan 28, 2019 14:25:38
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      @jasonleow I was thinking of an anonymous gratitude page where we can post whatever we are thankful for. I think I'll add a page with his guided meditation video and show how many people are active on the page meditating simultaneously. Maybe also a forgiveness page :)

      Basic stuff haha

      Xander Jake de los Santos avatar Xander Jake de los Santos | Jan 28, 2019 20:39:06
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      @xanderjakeq oh intriguing. I like that you're adding to the practice of gratitude on the internet. Love it. Looking forward to seeing it

      Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jan 29, 2019 12:38:21
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