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Victoria Maung

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"The Kominsky Method" is a 2018 TV series produced by Netflix that features a lively friendship between acting coach Sandy Kominski and former agent Norman Newlander. 

The show follows these men and their interactions as they navigate their respective, but not mutually exclusive, problems in life. In denial of impending mortality, Sandy avoids the sick and dying in his life, faces prospective lifelong loneliness, and seeks to affirm his waning virility in acts of quietly desperate machismo. Then Norman is given the elephantine challenge of returning to a normal life  after his beloved wife passes away from cancer. 

Their journey together is full of subtle charm and unbridled wit only possibly delivered by people who've lived through decades of life, love, and loss. 

Though some may find the show hurried, failing to give certain characters the time of day, I think the ever-budding kinship between Sandy and Norman is redeeming. The pair represent one of the many, but entertaining, combinations and permutations of a real-life relationship. They fight, roast each other, and call each other out but with the full and mutual understanding that no matter what happens, like brothers, they are present for each other. 

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