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Jan 16, 2019 17:00:43

Plans vs the reality

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Recently I wrote down my 2018 year summary. It is just a report about the past year. What did go all right and what didn't go that well in my life in categories such as traveling, family, working, relationships.  I go through my hobbies what I have learned what I should have learned what I gave up...  In the end, I always put some wishes and plans for the following year. 

So every year I see the bright truth cuz I can compare my hopes and plans with the reality which is quite interesting. 

Long story short, the year 2018 was disaster I didn't do almost anything what I planned. 

Actually, my plans weren't super challenging just something like keep learning Spanish, keep learning English, keep writing my blog, practicing guitar, fly to do the moon etc. etc. but still, I wasn't able to stick with it.

It's kinda depressing to see everything in black and white, but the reality doesn't lie.

So I am just asking myself am I making wrong plans or am I just lazy? 

At least I can improve easily in 2019 haha. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned. Efran.

p.s. Are you making similar summaries? Did you stay on the right track? Let me know. :)

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