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Mar 11, 2019 21:10:54


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I promised myself I could write about anything. So why not pizza, as it is the topic of the week currently on 200wad. Or actually just the 🍕 emoji as @jasonleow it originally suggested.

Emojis are an interesting thing. They are today's pictographs, hieroglyphs of the modern age. The first impression is the degeneration of written communication. Today's kids (and older ones as well) are too lazy to even write full words but instead opt to post obscure images.

But it's not that simple. There is a lot that can't be, at least easily, be expressed with mere words. Those little images can quickly add a hot more meaning to the message. A touch of emotion or some visual cue. 

Of course, they are not as formalized and there are a lot of possibilities to misinterpret them. But that can also be another advantage. Those meanings can be personal and a single image or combination of few can mean something so much more for those who share the interpretation. Inside jokes and other meanings given to them can make them something completely different.

They can also be used in creative ways to make new messages twisting their meaning, multiple interpretations and similar pronunciation to other words. To 🐝, or not to 🐝.

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