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Apr 28, 2019 07:46:38

Pick myself back up again

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After an emotion week, reading back the past few days post, I can tell that I m going through another round emotion breakdown which I believe is related to not enough rest.

It seem like working after forcing myself to get enough rest and loosen up a bit on all my life optimisation, I feel I m back to the normal me today. The past two days I even have 100% well rested based on my sleep tracking.

I glad that I found a way to tackle this round and it recovers soon without a massive impact on my life. Looking back I see why am I feeling that way during that period? Scratching myself thin with all sort of pressure and not enough rest does push my limit but at the same time put me down into an emotionally drained zone.

It has been over and over again to remind myself of getting proper rest the key to success, but when there are so many things to do, I get frustrated. When I managed to clear things off from my load, and I don't feel like stop, I exhausted my rest time again.

It's tough to strike a balance, but this is what I need to learn. 

  • Get proper rest so that I can go further.
  • Release the stress through different channels. ( that's what I been doing here )
  • Find something that I like to do to divert my anxiety yet doesn't consume my focus too much. For example, I love gaming, but if I start getting addicted to some games, I will be spending too much time on it. Reading and writing seem like what works on me now.

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