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Feb 02, 2019 01:37:00


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FiveThirtyEight released a personality quiz that gives a score on five distinct traits. Now, FiveThirtyEight is a pretty reputable news source known for its rigorous statistical analysis. I scored the following: 100/100 for Openness to experience, 50/100 for Agreeableness, 67/100 for Conscientiousness, 4/100 for Negative emotionality, and 79/100 for Extraversion.

I was surprised by my rather extreme results. Moreover, what I find hilarious is that I've scored 50/100 on agreeableness, and the corresponding description includes, It’s just that some of you may have a little less tendency toward empathy, compassion and trust of your fellow human beings than others. I guess my self-proclaimed "agreeableness" must be all a farce.

Also funny was my result for conscientiousness, and that description was You are one of the organized, the responsible, the possibly just-a-wee-bit boring. This sounds pretty accurate.

So now that I realize that I am unbearably positive, secretly very judgmental, and kind of boring, how do I feel?

A nice self-esteem trick for me is to think of personality a needle on a scale--like a metronome, except it varies in range of motion. Everyone has a needle centered on zero and varies their needle's range of motion according to their social situation and proclivities. 

Some people (serious and highly conscientious ones like me) stay close to zero and often don't stray far from it. There are benefits to this because we can be seen as consistent, reliable, and even funny for the slightest deviation from our rigid self. Others' personalities might be like a metronome with a wider range of motion, so people are used to these peoples' varying attitudes and moods.

This is not a wholly convincing analogy, I realize, but sometimes this is what I visualize.

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