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Mar 14, 2019 09:57:00


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Mark Armstrong

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Personal pride can push your personal effectiveness to a whole new level.

Usually, when people talk about pride, they often frame it in negative terms. As the old saying goes, "We shouldn't be proud because pride comes before the fall."

How many times have you heard of people celebrating the bad karma of somebody who is very arrogant or prideful? (President Trump come to mind?)

It's not unusual for most people to view pride in negative terms. They think of somebody unreasonable, someone who's a bully or somebody who's basically a jerk. But believe it or not, pride can actually make you a better person.

I'm not talking about the sensitive, touchy kind of "Snowflake" pride where you take offense when you feel when people don't give you the respect that you think you deserve. I'm not talking about that kind of pride. That kind of pride is worthless in my opinion. 

The pride that I'm talking about involves pride in your work. 

It involves the connection between the things that you choose to do with your time and who you are as a person. This definition of pride connects the dots between the output that you produce and the value system that you use to produce it.

Make no mistake. Everything external about you is a reflection of your internal truths. 

  • The way you dress 
  • your haircut
  • the way you talk
  • the way you carry yourself 
  • and most importantly, the quality of your work are reflections of your values as a person.

If you take pride in the work you do, it's going to show. 

  • You're not going to show up to work late. 
  • You're not going to put in very little effort. 
  • You're not just going to waste your time at work just enough to collect a paycheck. 
  • Instead, you're going to do whatever it takes or however long it takes to produce maximum value in the lives of people depending on you. 

Why would you do this?

Well, you understand that this is a reflection of who you are as a person. That whatever output you produce with your efforts is a reflection of your quality as a person. 

That is real pride. 

If you use that kind of pride, you become a more effective person across the board.

You not only become more knowledgeable. You become more authoritative, efficient and yes, more effective. 

  • This is how you earn more money. 
  • This is how you command greater respect. 
  • This is how you live a more substantive and substantial life. 
  • It is all based on the concept of pride.

It's kind of like having a personal brand. 

When you buy a shirt and it has a NIKE logo on it, you have certain expectations. You know full well that chances are high that the shirt is not going to fall apart after you wash it a few times. Chances are it's going to be of the utmost quality and reliability. After all, it has the NIKE brand.

Look at your personal pride as your personal brand. When people see your work product, they see your brand. When people see how you talk and how you treat other people and how you carry yourself, they see your personal brand. That is the pride that I'm talking about.

Personal pride can help you become a more effective and successful person. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with in the here and now. Use the power of personal pride to take things to a whole other level.

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    @RealNegotiator I have never understood when people boast of pride in things they have no control of. "I'm proud to be a woman." "I am proud to be insert ethnic heritage" I suppose you can be happy about your perceived lucky draw in life, but I prefer to be proud of the things I have control of. I am proud of the work I produce, the value I provide to others, the way I treat people. These are the things that matter. You are on a roll, sir.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Mar 14, 2019 07:41:33
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      @brandonwilson You can't hide "Real" pride. The pride of accomplishment is the best of all!

      Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Mar 15, 2019 20:52:39
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