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Apr 23, 2019 21:36:31

Perfect time not to write

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Janne Koponen

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I spent three hours of my day at the vet, waiting to hear what's wrong with our cat. Three long hours with nothing to do. Plenty of time to do something light, like writing.

But I didn't write, obviously. It wasn't the time to write. Even though I would have had a good chance to do it, and entertain myself for a while at the same time. Perhaps to pass the time more quickly. I just couldn't get started.

Of course, my thoughts weren't focused. Or rather, they were focused on only one thing. Sure, I could have written about that then. It would have been a fine topic after all. 

Maybe it was all the distractions around me there. People coming and going along with their pets. No idea when I would be interrupted, by other customers or the staff. Maybe my wait would have been over at the moment I would have started writing. Breaking my concentration and losing the thought.

The time passed, slowly. I thought of starting to write quite a many times. But ended up passing it every time. Finally, the wait was over and we were heading back home with good news with us. Something more positive to write about.

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