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Feb 19, 2019 23:42:53


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Patience is a virtue supposedly, but I find it hard to fully grasp. I'm patient in the short-term but not in the long. Waiting for something that takes ten minutes is fine but waiting for actions to pay off in ten years? A lot harder to do.

For me, it's not about seeing the benefits of long-term decisions. It's about wanting the outcome immediately even if you're making progress.

I want everything, now.

But I've learnt enough to see it's not possible. Everything takes time. The journey's more important than the destination. All those cliches. But there's some truth behind them.

You can't master any skill without learning and experiencing how it shouldn't be done. You can't be an athlete without dedicating time to training. Every destination worth getting to requires a long journey that challenges you to be better. These challenges teach you how things should work but also how they shouldn't.

Would instantly acquiring these skills have the same effect? Would you be as good at whatever you are if you didn't stumble or fall along the way? It's impossible to know but it's reassuring if you're as impatient as me. Everything will come in time, for now, you have to try and enjoy the eventful journey to get there.

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