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Apr 20, 2019 06:34:49

Party on

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Victoria Maung

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I'm hosting a 4/20 party tonight, woo-hoo. Because there's nothing quite like procrastinating by hosting a party while you listen to podcasts about the fallout of the Mueller report. 

I've prepped so much food. Probably too much. Refried bean dip, salsa, queso, roasted sweet potatoes and chickpeas, veggie platter, chips, ice cream. Sounds like a fine evening, if you ask me. I tend to underestimate how much each individual is capable of eating. Maybe after we come back from the trampoline park to live out my quarter life crisis, appetites will be bolstered. 

I also forget that it's Easter weekend, or Passover. Why does everything seem to happen at the end of April? Maybe it was less momentous when I was working a full time job. Maybe it's because spring has sprung, in all the meanings of the words. 

But I'm happy doing the things I do on a regular basis. I can't complain about reliving my youth or eating good food, even if some of it is the consequence of awful time management skills. I probably should have made other priorities to meet today, but overall, things are moving along. 

As I always like to tell myself, at least, there's tomorrow. But for tonight, we feast. 

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